Sponsor Land

Allahu Akabar Jamia Darul Falah has moved from renting to purchasing land.  This land is 65,000 square feet and will accommodate the following:

  • Masjid
  • Boarding Institute for Boys
  • Community Facilities

Land Sponsor Options

  • 400 Square Feet = £2,000
  • 200 Square Feet = £1,000
  • 100 Square Feet = £500
  • 50 Square Feet = £250
  • 10 Square Feet = £50

Project Summary

Currently we can only accommodate 250 students and we are turning away students.

With this new plot of land purchasing, we aim to house four times more students with better facilities overall.

This will enable us to cater for the current demands we are facing and Insha’Allah we will not have to turn a single Child away due to space.